Mechanical Dreams is proud to have collaborated with filmmaker and Indigenous activist Tracy Rector, Nahaan, Ken Workman, and the Nàakw Dancers on Ch'aak' S'aagi (Eagle Bone), a cinematic 360 experience that had its U.S. premiere at SIFFX, world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and is currently touring the international film festival circuit. 

Director Tracy Rector's statement: "Ch'aak' S'aagi (Eagle Bone) is a collective step in a new direction of visual storytelling rooted in being unapologetically Indigenous. Through freestyle spoken word and lush Pacific Northwest scenes, we enter into a journey of remembrance and reflection on the lessons of the old ones. Teachings that remind us that we are all individual vessels of spirit and change yet inextricably connected."

Director: Tracy Rector
Producers: Mara Auster, Mischa Jakupcak, Lacey Leavitt
Associate Producer: Caterina De Re
Cinematographer: Chris Mosson
Post Production Supervisor: Joe Jacobs
Sound Editor: Jeremy Koepping
Principal Cast: Nahann & The Naak'w Dancers